My address:

Suzanne Enoch

US Peace Corps

BP 5462

Kigali, Rwanda


Wish List:

Beef Jerky



Fruit Snacks

New Movies and Music

Granola Bars

Hot chocolate mix

Puzzles for kids

Decks of UNO Cards

Coloring Books


Pictures of what you are up to please!

Anything you want to send!!! 🙂

Guidelines to Mail Packages:

Use LOTS of tape, cover the entire package

Declare no value or $1

List contents as feminine products, religious items, or teaching supplies


5 responses »

  1. Hi Suzanne!! What an AWESOME thing you are doing!! So, I’m looking at your listy list here, and noticing you are accepting seeds… and all I can think is: “I WANNA SEND THOSE!!!!!!” But, I have a couple questions, perhaps sometime you can answer quickly…
    Are there import/foreign vegetation restrictions?
    Any particular kind?
    Veggie, flower, herbs?
    Kid friendly kit, or for all ages?
    Planting supplies… i.e. a trowel, gloves?
    And probably a really dumb question, but I guess I’ve never really thought about this… what kind of soil is there? Not that it really matters, but I’m a garden dork and it’s kinda cool for me to think about. 🙂

    Thanks, hope you’re doing well!!

    Heather (used to be Spencer, in case you have no idea who I am & why I’m writing you. :] )

  2. Hey Suzi,
    I found this website and on the rare chance you hadn’t seen it during research, wanted to share.

    Also if you can be more specific and answer Heather’s questions about seeds, I will get a box of stuff together for you.

    Take care,


  3. Hi Suzi,

    Happy early Birthday! I would love to send you a letter but am not sure if I send it in the next week- will it get to your current address in time or will you have moved to your new location? What is the general lag time for letters and for packages?

    Sending lots of happy thoughts!


  4. Hi Suzanne – I’m a Cornell alum (’84) and will certainly enjoy keeping up with your Rwanda experiences. Kudos to you…your lifetime adventures will pay more dividends than a well-stocked 401k. Few people step outside of their comfort zones, and so many minds remain ridgidly closed. Be proud of yourself, and be humbled by the people you encounter. I send hugs and good thoughts…and fully intend to ship a CARE pkg your way. You rock!

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