Cooking in Rwanda




Cooking in Rwanda can be really nice and also really annoying at the same time. I am blessed to live in a country where I can easily buy fresh vegetables and fruit, which is amazing considering some Peace Corps countries have very limited options in terms of produce. The actual process of cooking has never been a great interest of mine and here it takes four times as long to make anything. As a general rule of thumb you should always start cooking before you get hungry because if you wait until you are actually hungry you end up eating all the ingredients raw… or at least that is what people tell me.

I alternate between using a small charcoal stove and a hot plate when the electricity is working. You can only cook one thing at a time and preparation is slow. It also takes forever for me to cut vegetables because I value all ten fingers and when I try to rush there is usually blood. The little blue knife (featured in the bottom picture) is from the dollar store and is surprisingly sharp, so if I do come home with only nine fingers that little knife will be the culprit.

Sometimes I enjoy sitting outside listening to music and preparing dinner, but for the most part it is not my favorite chore. I much prefer to take more of a supervising role when it comes to food production, providing moral support and company for the actual cook. I suppose cooking is a good life skill to learn, and if I manage to come home in one piece I can say it was all worth it!




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