Boring Lessons




One of the worst parts about teaching is dealing with boring topics. Sometimes I just teach the lesson and the kids take notes, which is how they usually learn anyways, but I try to come up with ways to make the lessons fun and interesting even when the actual material is rather dull. Last week I taught direct/indirect speech, and while I can’t say it was the most thrilling subject matter to grace my curriculum it is part of their national exam in a few years so important material for them to learn. After they finished notes we played a few games to keep things exciting. The top picture is from an activity where each student received a piece of paper with a sentence and they had to tape it under the correct type of speech. Watching me distribute the tape was probably the highlight of the activity for them but they also enjoyed the second part of the exercise where they went to the board and selected a sentence to read and then pull off the board. It was the first time for many of them to see a tape dispenser and it was a topic of discussion for the entire week following its brief presence in the classroom.

The second picture is from a game we played where each group had one person who represented direct speech and one who represented indirect speech. I would read a sentence and they had to decide what type of speech I used and then the person with the correct label had to be the first to stand up to receive a point. When in doubt let them tape things to their foreheads and they are happy campers! 🙂




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