The Remster


Well this entry is once again about the love of my life- Remy. I probably talk about him way too much, but I feel like he is the one constant in my life here. I cannot control my school or my students, I cannot control when I get sick from eating local or food or when I will have electricity, but Remy is my constant source of joy. He is always happy to see me and seeing him can completely change my attitude even after the worst of days. I spent the night at his house on Tuesday and we spent the afternoon playing outside with toy cars and walking around the village roads. He is quite the explorer these days and almost always prefers to walk instead of being held (which I of course find sad) but it is fun to watch him develop independence. The poor guy was recently circumcised, as it is common to have this procedure done here when the baby is about a year old, so he has been a bit cranky lately. From my understanding he had no pain medication because, “he is a baby and won’t remember it.” As a said, poor guy. To make matters worse they made him wear little dresses for the weeks after, but I must admit that he did look cute dressed as a girl. These are a couple of my favorite photos of him from last week, it is getting harder and harder to get good shots since he is constantly moving around! 🙂






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