The Power of Education


Dear Friends and Family,

I usually try to keep this blog all about my Peace Corps experience and under normal circumstances I would feel really guilty using this medium to ask you for things. Except for letters and chocolate. I have no shame requesting those items on a regular basis. According to my sources back home it is now Girl Scout cookie time- if you end up with an extra box of Thin Mints (or really any kind) then kindly send them my way! 🙂
Living in Rwanda has made me realize how much I take for granted in my life, especially when it comes to my education. This blog, instead of telling stories of my adventures, is asking you to take a moment to reflect on your own educational opportunities and to ponder the possibility of assisting my best friend in Rwanda, Marie Goreth, pursue her dream of attending nursing school. Goreth has been a wonderful friend to me when I needed it the most during my service and I would really love to help find her a sponsor for nursing school here in Rwanda. She is currently a math and physics teacher at my school and works incredibly hard to support not only herself but also her parents and four younger siblings with her meager teacher’s salary. She has an incredible work ethic and I have no doubts that she would do extremely well in her courses. With the use of government loans she was able to complete two years of college but they have refused to continue her loans in past years so she cannot continue to work towards her goal of being a nurse without some financial support from a kind soul who values education and is looking to help someone who is very deserving of their generosity.
So I am asking you to take a few minutes from your busy day to think about the people in your life who might be in a position to help. Maybe it is a neighbor, a dear friend or relative, a person from your church, or maybe even you! Attaining a higher level of education would completely alter her future and I am hopeful that somewhere out there in this crazy world there is a solution to her desperate desire to attend school again. Also, please keep in mind it is not nearly as expensive as graduate school in America. If you or someone you know is interested in helping you can leave a comment on my blog (I can keep it private), send me a message on facebook, or email me at:, and I would be happy to send you more information.
Here is a cute picture of Goreth from last year when she was a facilitator at GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) Camp. She is a wonderful person and passionate about helping others so I am really hoping that my wonderful readers can help me with this project. Please keep in mind that this is not really a Peace Corps project since that is more about grassroots development and teaching. I am coming at this from more of a personal angle- trying to help someone I love get the education that she deserves.
We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.
-Sir Winston Churchill

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