Gearing up for year two!


I wrote this post a few days ago- sorry it has taken me a little time to get back in the swing of blogging after my trip home!

It is 1:55 in the morning and my body, through some twisted relationship with a brewing cold and jet lag, that was distorted early on by excessive napping, thinks it is time to be up for the day. I am currently in Musanze (a town up north by the volcanos) for MSC (mid-service conference) and my darling roommate Alisha is snoozing away while I sit over in my bed listening to the melodic symphony of mosquitos swarming, horns honking, and the faint sound of a hotel security guard shouting into his phone as he walks the premise. Since I have an entire day of sitting in lectures to get through I am hoping that writing for a bit will tire me out so that I can sleep for a few more hours.

Being back in Rwanda is wonderful. I loved being home but I knew that my work here was not done. People asked me if I was ready to come back. They wondered if it would be difficult for me to transition from three weeks of modern luxuries back to life in the village. The answer is yes- I was ready. Bucket baths and pit latrines are just logistical details. Will I miss steaming hot showers and my comfy bed that is not infested with bed bugs or fleas? Of course. Will I miss the constant access to my family and friends? Of course. But the truth is that when I came back to Colorado to visit I left part of my heart behind in Rwanda and I needed to return to feel whole again. From the moment I stepped off the plane in Kigali I felt enveloped by the love I have for this country and its people and it truly felt like coming home.

I am getting ready for my second year and I have a feeling that it will absolutely fly by! I have tons of projects I want to accomplish and teaching will hopefully be a tad more enjoyable the second time around! 🙂 I am teaching a level lower this year so my kids will probably have a harder time understanding me but they will have just finished primary school so they will be tiny and adorable hopefully a little more open to my creative teaching methods than the older kids were.

I will write more soon but I wanted to include a few photos from my visit home. I really cherished the time I was able to spend with my family and friends (and Josie the dog- of course) and the end of my trip culminated with my best friend’s wedding. I felt so honored to stand next to her as a maid of honor and share in her special day. Alissa and Dave are a truly amazing couple and stay tuned for photos from the Doerner’s trip to Rwanda!








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  1. Loved seeing you and hearing your amazing stories. it was fun to laugh with you. What a blessing you are to the children and people to Rwanda.

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