Poem for Stephanie


This is a little poem I composed in honor of my fabulous big sister Stephanie Anne. When I have a really awful day I can call her and she knows just what to say to make me happy again. Thank you so much for being an amazing friend and role model and for listening to me complain incessantly on my bad days! I have included a few cute pictures of us from way back when as well because it is always fun to look back at old photographs! 🙂

When the rat is busy running through my room

And I chase all night with my trusty broom

Whacking and swinging with all my might

Because poison and glue have failed me in my never-ending fight

He alludes me once again and lives another day

So I climb into bed and start to reflect and pray

It is then when the mutant fleas start to bite

They refuse to die despite exposure to chemicals and the sun’s bright light

I try to pray but my mind is dark

Absorbed in my pity party I cannot think of one positive remark


I call her at four in the morning without shame

She listens quietly without placing any blame

Regardless of the time of day

Or number of miles so far away

She is always there on the other end of the phone

Listening to me complain from upon my miserable throne

With endless love and generous grace

She listens intently to the drama and failure of my great rat chase

A few minutes later I am once again calm and on the mend

Eternally grateful that God blessed me with a sister who is my best friend



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