A Perfect Day



This is a journal entry from Tuesday. It was unfortunately followed by a few not-so-prefect days but I guess we can’t have every day be wonderful- without the bad days we wouldn’t know how to appreciate the good ones! 🙂


Well today was as close to a perfect day as it can get. I taught for two hours in the morning and then returned to the convent to work out and shower before my next class. At one point I was laying on the floor doing an arm exercise when my hand weights (aka large water bottles filled with dirty gutter water) started leaking and dripping onto my face. That was pretty gross but even the questionably clean water up my nose didn’t ruin the good mood I was in. After my work out I went out to the rain tank to get water and probably looked ridiculous. I was drenched in sweat and wearing a pink T-shirt, a black and white skirt (I had to put something on over my shorts to cover up those sexy knees) and my tennis shoes. I am pretty sure the workers think I am crazy. I ended up spilling my first bucket of water but it turned out to be a blessing because I have been meaning to mop this week so it gave/forced upon me the perfect opportunity to do some light cleaning. After fetching a second bucket of water I was finally able to clean up and get reading for my last hour of teaching. I returned to school, taught a lesson on future tense that they actually seemed to understand and enjoy, and returned to the convent for lunch. After lunch I returned to school so I could walk with Goreth to the main road on my way to visit Louis and Remy. Once we arrived at the main road we parted ways and I headed up the hill, ready for my favorite afternoon of the week- my time with Remy. When I arrived he was hungry and rather fussy but Diane, his mama, just put him on my lap and despite his screaming that is where he stayed. It is interesting because in America when a parent gives you a baby and it starts to cry they immediately take it back, but here they rarely do. Louis sat next to me watching TV and told Remy that I was his aunt so he shouldn’t be crying but despite this demand he continued to fuss. It turns out the poor guy was just ready for lunch and I was very surprised when Epiphany (the house girl) brought out a bottle of milk for Remy. Babies here are pretty much exclusively breast fed- I think this is the first bottle I have seen. Anyways, it worked out great for me because it means I can now feed him, which is great!

After his bottle we did a brief photo shoot although he looks very serious in all the pictures- I think there is maybe one where he is laughing.

He is actually a really happy baby so I think he was just getting sleepy and not really in the right mood for a marathon photo session. We watched TV for a bit and then Louis and I took chairs to sit out on his porch to listen to the radio. His house is at the top of a steep incline so he has an amazing panoramic view of the beautiful rolling hills and you can also see the main road that winds across the foothills. It was a beautiful day but slightly breezy so I wrapped Remy up in a blanket and he sat on my lap, just looking around and never really moving, for almost an hour before he fell asleep. I think that he is so used to being swaddled on his mama’s back that when you swaddle him in a blanket it sends a signal to his mind that it is quiet time- a rather handy trick indeed! Louis had to leave to go sign some papers so I sat with Remy on the porch for almost two hours. It was by far the most peaceful afternoon I have had in Rwanda- a sleeping baby snuggled on my chest and an entire afternoon to just sit and marvel at the beauty of nature.


Eventually he woke up and we spent some time playing outside (apparently the clothesline is fascinating) and then headed inside so his Mama could get his diaper changed and pajamas on. It was a truly wonderful day. Next week he is coming to visit me at the convent for an afternoon (I think Louis will drop him off on his way to school) so I am looking forward to that- being an aunt is an amazing honor and I feel blessed to have him in my life!




Louis, Remy, Diane


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