First Volleyball Matches!


Yesterday we had our first volleyball matches of the term against Saint Jean Bosco, a boarding school a few minutes away from my school. The jerseys that Cornell donated to my school looked sharp but the actually playing was slightly less than stellar. The girls couldn’t quite get it together to win (25-20 and 25-11) but they tried hard and I think that they had fun. One of the girls came up to me after the game to apologize for playing poorly, which was sad but I was glad to see that they really wanted to win! After the girls played the boys begged me for the jerseys even though the headmistresses had decided they were for the girls team only. I eventually gave in because the other team had entire uniforms so we were looking pretty sloppy in comparison! The boys ended up playing a deciding third game and had to play in the rain and partially in the dark since the sun goes down at 6pm and they finished at 6:20pm. It was a really exciting win and it was adorable to see how excited the kids were to finally have jerseys- so thank you Cornell Volleyball- these jerseys will be well loved for many years to come!


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  1. Super cute!!!!! I love that the guys begged to wear the jerseys too! They all look so professional in them and so happy! They’re looking better than we did!! Great pictures!! 🙂

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