Akagera Photographs


On Monday and Tuesday I  went on a safari through Akagera National Park with my mom and sister. We had a wonderful time so I wanted to share some of our favorite photographs with you! The highlight was probably our encounter with the elephant. At one point the car was a little too close and he had his trunk straight up in the air which is apparently an early warning sign of charging. We found this experience rather thrilling but our poor driver, Claude, was terrified. I worry he may hesitate to accept trips into the park again after our interaction with an angry elephant! Overall it was a really fun experience and I would recommend it to anyone traveling in Rwanda- just be sure to bring a guide (they are really knowledgable and keep you safe from charging elephants) and be cautious of the horse flies. Make sure you have the ability to put the windows up in whatever car you hire- it may sound romantic to go on safari in an open-air car but there were parts of the park with an obscene amount of horse flies and their bites can be really painful and lead to bruising and annoying amounts of discomfort.

Here are some of the favorites from our many photographs:

Tomorrow I leave to be a counselor for camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) so there will be another quiet period for the next week in terms of posting here. School starts again on September 3rd so I will have one weekend after camp to finalize my lesson plans and get ready for third term- I am sure that period of time will be wonderfully stressful! Hope everyone back home is doing well!


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  1. THESE PICTURES ARE SOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love them! So glad you got to do this with Stephanie and your momma!! Love you Suz!

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