Tanzania Trip (Part Two)


Tanzania Trip- Part Two:

Zanzibar (The beach) 

Our days on the beach were very relaxing and peaceful. We spent time exploring the area, playing in the ocean, laying out in the sun with good books, and eating great food. Instead of a long narrative I will use mainly pictures and brief descriptions for this section of the journey. Let’s be honest- the pictures are always the best part anyways!


The view of the ocean from the Baby Bush Lodge on a cloudy afternoon


Comfortable couches- perfect for reading or napping

Baby Bush Lodge- I would highly recommend this place for anyone traveling to Zanzibar


In the morning the tide was really low but by 2 pm it was high again and the perfect temperature for a quick trip to frolic about in the waves!



This is the creature our lodge was named after and one made an appearance the last few nights and somehow managed to get into our rooms and ate a bag of almonds during the night- a rather rude house guest in my opinion.



Headed out for dinner on the beach!


Resting up after a day of relaxing


Part of the group went to a local restaurant one day and when we returned the next day it wasn’t possible to eat outside since Ramadan had started so the woman took us to her house for lunch. I was a fan of the rice and potato soup and let the group eat my portion of fish- I am not a fan of seafood, especially when their beady little eyes are staring up at you from the plate!


Of course the best part of lunch was when her daughter, Layla, woke up from her nap! 🙂


Such an adorable baby!


I love her expression in this photo- she looks skeptical of the game Meredith is trying to play!


After lunch Mama Layla walked us down to the beach and wanted to sell me a sarong. I picked this one out and then she wanted me to buy two. When I said one was enough she responded, “My friend Suzanna, think of baby Layla. You must buy two so I can support my baby girl.” Well played Mama Layla- I now own two sarongs.

The sign for Obama Bar- it was nice 20 minute walk from our place and we went two nights to listen to music



Some of our Maasai friends from Obama Beach

Sara sporting a very fashionable hat borrowed from one of our new friends

I think these photographs capture most of the highlights from the beach portion of Zanzibar. Next up- adventures in Stone Town!




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