Tanzania Trip (Brief Overview)






After almost two weeks in Tanzania I am finally back home in Rwanda! We had some complications with bus tickets (in two different cities) that caused us to arrive home two days late but overall it was a fantastic vacation! Over the next few days I will post pictures and stories for each of the locations but here is a brief overview and a few lessons we learned:

– We left for Tanzania on July 17th and returned July 28th

– We spent almost 70 hours on buses

– We visited the following places in Tanzania:

* Dar es Salaam

* Zanzibar

* Moshi

* Arusha

* Kahama

-We discovered that Tanzania doesn’t allow you to exchange money from Rwanda and that you should always bring extra money for all the surprise expenses you encounter while traveling.

– We learned through experience that five people in a bed is possible (and cheap) but the sleep is not great.

– There is a Subway in Dar es Salaam and it would be great if someone could bring that establishment to Kigali.

– Public transportation in Africa requires taking an enormous leap of faith- putting your life in a stranger’s hands is always difficult but even more so when they are speeding down curvy dirt roads while adjusting the radio with one hand and jabbering away on their phone with the other. Sometimes all you can do is shut your eyes, say a prayer, and accept that seeing the world is not always a safe endeavor.

– Grilled corn that is soaked in lime and chili-salt is delicious and should be sold everywhere in the world.

It was a great trip but it sure feels wonderful to be home and in my own bed. The internet is currently preforming at a pace that would rival that of a geriatric sloth racing through quicksand but I managed to upload a few random pictures and there will be more to come!


The Baby Bush Lodge- Zanzibar

Ready for dinner on the beach!



Wine tasting on the roof of a fancy restaurant at sunset- doesn’t get much better than that!

We went on a fascinating tour of rice fields and a jungle where I saw the most interesting (and disturbingly large) spiders that I have ever seen in my life. I even managed to get close enough to take pictures and the guide loved it when the spiders moved because we all went running and screaming in the opposite direction!



An adorable baby on the back of his Mama who was working in the fields. I would love to know what he is thinking here.

That is all for now- I am ready for a full night of sleep and will post more about my adventures soon! Hope everyone back home is doing well and having a fantastic summer so far!



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