When I read blogs my favorite part is always the pictures and since my last post was completely devoid of photographs I wanted to upload a few before I leave for my Tanzania trip. Enjoy!

This guy is pretty laid-back and always willing to pose for photos.

Both pigs at the orphanage had babies last week- they are so cute!

When I return home from my trip I will be taking one of these cuties home with me. I am hoping it will be exactly like Charlotte’s Web. In reality the story will probably end with the nuns eating my beloved pet and I will be utterly devastated. Real life can be harsh so I am trying to prepare myself for that. But on an optimistic note- look at their cute little faces! šŸ™‚

Right as someone was taking this photo another kid yelled, “Look, a plane!” There was no plane but it was really cute to see how fast Brooke turned around to look!

Mama Epiphanie and little Cody. He is behind developmentally but he has finally started talking! When he tries to say my name, Uwineza, it comes out as “Uheza.” He is so adorable and loves to be held and loves to snuggle- my kind of kid!

A princess and her homemade crown.

Hide-and-seek is always a popular game at the orphanage- can you find the kiddo in this picture? She did a good job of hiding but the constant laughter and announcements in Kinyarwanda about how I would never find her eventually revealed her position in the trees. I tried to explain that pride was her downfall- if she spent less time bragging about her spot then she would stay hidden longer. She just smiled, crouched behind a small bush, and continued taunting me while praising her own ability to hide. Even though I could clearly see her you have to admire her confidence! šŸ™‚

The nice thing about dry season is that laundry takes no time at all to dry!

The women in this country are amazing. Strong, resilient, beautiful, brave, and graceful are just a few words that describe them. Here is a mama and her baby headed to the market.

Thank you for all of the love and support and I will return to blogging after Tanzania!

PS- I would love to hear from everyone back home so if you have some free time to write I would love a letter from you!

*Be sure to write “par avion” on the envelope.

Suzanne Enoch

US Peace Corps

BP # 5462

Kigali, Rwanda



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