Exam Week


I am finally finished marking exams and I am counting down the days until I leave for Tanzania. It is down to 3 days in case you are curious. I will not be bringing my computer on the trip so this will probably be my last post for a couple of weeks. Some of my students did really well on their English exam and some received 10/50, which made me want to cry since I told them the exact questions that would be on the exam. For the last section they had to write two paragraphs and they could choose from three different topics for each paragraph. I have been typing up some of the paragraphs that are funny or just well written compared to what they were writing ten weeks ago. Here are some examples:

Topic: America

America is a very big country. America has 50 states, the other name of America is called U.S.A. that means United States of America. The population of America is called Americans. America has famous music like Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Nick Minage, Eminen… America is a rich country and is big country and is very beautiful to be American.

– Divine (S2C)

America is a country. America is divided in many state, and it has many people and good because I was see my teacher in America (Colorado). She have a good behaviors, so American is United State and American peoples have a high knowledge because Teacher come in Rwanda has big knowledge so America is underful.

– Josué (S2C)

The name of our country is America. The country of OBAMA BACK. This country is very beautiful of America. People is white from America. In summary America is very beautiful.

– Sylivain (S2C)

America is beautiful continent. Because it is very big, but it have power. It have many people of singers and soldiers. It have good climate. America is beautiful that be like them.

– Christian (S2C)

America is a country. In America they study of English. America is a very nice country. America is a country of very many many people. America I like.

– Claudette (S2C)

America is very best country in world. America has country full time every day. The American have very many people. American have many Christianity. America have many other beautiful times.

– Elissa (S2C)

America is a good country. America have many super star of music. America have a good government. America has a president called Brack OBOMA. America is very beautiful country.

-Moses (S2C)

America is important in the world. America is a country and very good. America is famous in the world is the excellent knowledge. America has very good famous singers.

– Placide (S2A)

America is a very good country. Because America have peace in the country. American speak English language and their people of America are smart. America haven’t poverty and famine. America is a very good country in the world.

– Claude (S2A)

America is a county. It has 2 parts is North and South. America have a wonderful president. America is a country which favour the music. America is a country which are super stars.

-Patrick (S2A)

America is a good country. It is a good president called Balac Obam. The people of America have unity and peace. There is good politics. America have good artists like Lihana, Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Kanye West and many others.

– Emmanuel (S2A)

America is a continent called USA. In America there is democracy. In America there are long houses. In America there are routes which are stay in sky. Also, America is my favorite continent to go.

– Eric (S2B)

Topic: Volleyball

Volleyball is very important to play. Volleyball is very easy to play. We have 6 people each side. All of you must play volleyball.

– Mary Chantal (S2C)

I like to play volleyball. Volleyball is very easy to play. Many people come to see match of volleyball and you see me very happy. Volleyball is very important to person. Volleyball is very good for person to play.

– Pierre (S2C)

To play volleyball is important in our life. Because it support our body. I play volleyball on Thursday at 4:00 pm. I want to know to play volleyball nice. I love volleyball.

– Divine (S2A)

It is very important to play volleyball because it is my favorite sport. They like our muscles. Volleyball is important because when you play you maximize your brain. It is nice to play volleyball.

– Jean de Dieu (S2A)

Topic: Flowers

Flower, it is important for us because it gives us an oxygen. Because it gives us medicine. Different flowers have colors but all very nice. Flowers it has many many important for us.

– Jean Pierre (S2A)

Flowers are a green plant. Flowers have many colors, yellow, red… Flowers are loved many people. Because flowers have a perfection. Flowers are very very nice.

– Charlene (S2A)

Flowers is the plant in Rwanda and other countries. Flowers have very importance: decoration, food, to give money… Flowers is giving a good smell and good oxygen. Flowers are a good plant because have many importance.

– Eugenie (S2A)

The flowers is very important because of decoration. Flowers is beautiful. Flowers give honey. I am loving the flowers.

– Venantie (S2A)

Topic: Life in Rwanda

Life in Rwanda is good. Sometimes life in Rwanda is difficult because Rwandans are poor. We have president who called Paul Kagame is good president. Rwanda is developed country. Rwanda is small country but very beautiful country so to be Rwandan is very good.

– Divine (S2C)

Life in Rwanda is very good. Because Rwanda country has a good temperature. All person have education, president of Rwanda he give Rwanda nine years basic education, mutuelle de sante, no Rwandan sick because good government. All Rwandans go in bank and give credit. But another person in other countries and if come to Rwanda and their good life and good lives.

– Josué (S2C)

Life Rwanda is very nice. Rwanda is a small country but is beautiful. Rwanda have liver, mountain, lake, park. Population of Rwanda is beautiful. So Rwanda have many many things and nice Rwanda is a beautiful country.

– Yvette (S2C)

Rwanda is small in Africa. The life of people is difficult. The life of Rwanda are agriculture and culture, the people has life in riches but they are also very poor. They come and work and have good lives.

– Mary Chantal (S2C)

Rwanda has a good life. Rwanda has many hills. Rwanda has very smart persons. Rwanda has many animals in the parck. Rwanda has unity and reconciliation. Rwanda beautiful in my life.

-Moses (S2C)

The life in Rwanda is bad but not very bad. Rwanda have 800,000 people killed but the Rwanda is a small country. Rwanda is a country that have poverty but haven’t famine because we haven’t industries here. In the last years was genocide. Life in Rwanda is very bad.

– Claude (S2A)

The country of Rwanda have poverty because the children don’t study. When children went to school have a problem- clothes, money, materials, soap to wash clothes, and so on. The life in Rwanda have many problems for every person.

– Eugenie (S2A)

Life in Rwanda is good because there is many food. Life in Rwanda is good because the people of Rwanda work. Life in Rwanda is good because there is education for all children. There is a good governance. Life in Rwanda is good because the people to ill go to the healthy centre.

– Emmanuel (S2A)

Life in Rwanda is beautiful because of the respect of human life. There is respect of development. Life in Rwanda is important. I am loving the life in Rwanda!

– Venantie (S2A)

Rwanda is good country. And life in Rwanda is very good. Because the population have good security. And have the food, shilter, stoning and other needed. The life in Rwanda is very good and I love Rwanda.

– Divine (S2A)

In Rwanda I have difficult life. Because I don’t have money. But when I finish the lessons I am liked money and I am pray in the church every Sunday. One people have good life and other people have bad life but all people have the same country and the same culture. I am content my life in future time.

-Fortunée (S2A)

Life in Rwanda is very well. Because in Rwanda there are many food like potatoes. In Rwanda there is good life because there is good job. In Rwanda there are many forests that attacked tourists. Rwanda is my favorite country to live!!

– Giséle (S2B)

Life in Rwanda is very bad. Because of the genocide of massacre of Tutsi. I loss many persons of friend and my family. In Rwanda where the persons do not have job. In Rwanda has tourism because of genocide. The life in Rwanda is very difficult.

– Philimine (S2B)

I think the highlights section would include the following parts:

– Mixing up L and R: Liver instead of river, Balac Obama

– Helthy centre ( I have been trying to teach them the word healthy as the opposite of the word sick)

– Forests that attack tourists

– The student that describes my good behavior as a teacher

Here are some other random events from exam week:

• I was wearing a yellow shirt and a yellow headband and all the teachers kept commenting about how “smart” I looked and eventually asked me, in Kinyarwanda, if my underwear was yellow also. I pretended to not understand so they translated it into English.I told them it was not necessary for them to know and they laughed for about 15 minutes.

• I went to play volleyball with my students yesterday but not many of them came. I ended up playing with a bunch of primary school kids which was absolute chaos but tons of fun! At one point I had about 50 kids around me in a circle and they kept getting closer and closer and I could hear the Jaws theme song playing in my head. These kids are so adorable but rather intimidating in big groups.

• I did my laundry today so that I can have clean clothes for Tanzania. I like washing clothes by hand for the first five minutes and then I just want to be done. At least my hands are now super clean.

• I wore leggings and a sweatshirt to dinner the other night and then nuns might mock me for the rest of my life.

• Today I wore a dress for the first time and the nuns loved it! They asked me to walk around so they could all observe me from every angle and decided that I must wear a dress at least once a week. This country can be hard on your self-esteem but I am lucky to have the nuns to build it back up.

I think that is all for now. I hope everyone back home is doing well and enjoying summer. It is dry season here and I am very ready for some rain! Sending everyone lots of love and I will return to posting after Tanzania!




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