Baby Brilliant


Last Friday I went to visit Brilliant, the newborn daughter of Sam, a teacher at my school. A big group of teachers went and we had a really nice time together. I was mostly excited because I was selected by Sam’s wife to be the first person in the group to hold Brilliant. She was beautiful and slept most of the afternoon despite the fact that she was surrounded by a large group of very loud adults. We had some Fanta and of course there were speeches- no Rwandan event would be complete without at least a few speeches! The head teacher went around the room and introduced everyone and when it came time for me he said,” And this one is Suzanna Uwineza, the teacher of English who comes from the land of Obama.”  At one point an old man from the neighborhood wandered into the room to join the gathering but promptly left when he discovered there was no alcohol. I gave Brilliant a little outfit that my family sent me and the new parents were absolutely thrilled to have something from America- the whole room was cheering and it caused quite the commotion!  Overall it was a really nice afternoon and Sam’s house is down in a beautiful valley off of the main road so it was fun to explore a new area of my community. Here are a few pictures from the event:

Mary Goreth (chemistry teacher) and Sam’s wife (I feel bad but I forgot her name!)

Presenting baby Brilliant

A group shot before walking home

The view from the walk home


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