Birthday Party Fun!!!


I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend at the orphanage to help celebrate the children’s birthdays (they celebrate all 55 on one day). I went down Friday afternoon to help prepare for the party which included a marathon session of blowing up balloons, decorating the church for the big feast on Saturday and placing the kid’s gift bags in the church. Each child received a paper bag with new clothes, candy and toys that we placed all around the church for them to find. Saturday was a really busy day that included:

– A special breakfast for the kids (bread with butter, a banana, and tea with milk)

– Present time! It was like Christmas morning with 55 kids screaming and running around with their new gifts- a pretty amazing experience.

– In the morning we did face painting and library time and the kids enjoyed playing with their new toys

– Around noon there was a special lunch (rice, beans, potatoes, meat, and isombe- a green cassava sauce)

– After lunch time we helped the kids make masks and they could also use beads to make necklaces and bracelets (around this time the little ones should have been napping so between the lack of nap and the amount of candy consumed we started to have some grumpy kiddos)

– Dinner preparation started around 4 and then there was a big feast at 6:30pm (rice, beans, pasta, brochettes, french fries, vegetables, and Fanta). There was lots of dancing and performances from some of the children. It was more formal than I was expecting and some of the district officials showed up as guests which meant plenty of speeches but they were surprisingly short!

– After dinner the children danced and then the mamas fed them the rest of the food as second dinner which was a huge treat and they were thrilled!

– They continued dancing until it was time to watch a movie (Nacho Libre) and I was amazed they all still had energy at 8:30pm! I watched for about 20 minutes and then headed down to bed.

Sunday I slept in until 8am and then we had church at 9am. There were lots of sleepy kiddos trying really hard to stay awake for the entire service but not all of them succeeded. After church I went back to the convent for lunch and a nap (with a bit of lesson planning thrown in for good measure).

Here are a few photos from the weekend, it took about 4 hours to load all of these but they were too cute to not share! 🙂



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