The great chicken saga


Last weekend, after Umuganda, I went to visit my host family. Instead of writing a post I thought I would simply copy and paste an email that I sent home- so here you go!

After Umuganda today I went to visit my host 
parents. My mom had to leave this morning to visit a cousin but my dad 
and brothers were there. They also have another daughter living there
 with them who has an adorable little boy who is maybe 2 years old. His name is
 Alphie and he loves to play hide-and-seek, drink out your soda bottle when you aren’t looking and has a strong fear of Beanie Babies. I chatted with my host dad for a while and then Thierry, 
Alphie and I sat on the couch and watched The Lion King. They loved 
it! When the boys started imitating the hyenas laughing I may or may not have had an incident where Sprite came out of my nose. It was gross, and burned, but such is the price for spontaneous laughter. We ate lunch together (rice, peas, carrots, french fries, meat and pineapple), and after a 3-hour visit I decided to head home. They gave 
me the following gifts when I left: a bag full of eggs, 2 pineapples,
 and… drumroll please…. a live chicken. Yup- a chicken. And guess 
how I carried it home? In a blue paper gift bag- I am classy like 
that. So I walked about 15 minutes to the hospital where the buses
 come and there was an empty one so I hopped in the front seat with all 
my bags (including my chicken in a gift bag.) It was a slow travel day
 since it was umuganda (required community service day) so I had to
 wait in the little squeeze bus for about 1.5 hours until we left. I
 should have just started walking home but I had way too much stuff. Of course the second person to show up insisted on crawling into the middle seat between me and the driver even though the entire bus was still empty. I had my chicken on the floor but he would stop moving for long periods of time and I was really nervous it would die on the way home. It was going to die soon anyways, but to face the end of your life on the overheated floor of a squeeze bus just seemed cruel. It was 
quite the adventure! Since I had so much stuff I took a motorcycle from the 
main road to the convent and it was a tad tricky to figure out how to carry all my bags and keep the chicken from breaking through the paper bag since the dirt road is in horrible condition thanks to all the rain.

So here all the following things I can check 
off my bucket list:

-carry a live chicken in a paper gift bag

-take a live animal on public transport

-take a live animal on the back of a motorcycle

Update: My chicken friend did not survive long after this photo. His death was swift and painless and he was delicious.


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