Ode to Marakuca


Rwanda offers an abundance of delicious fruits but my favorite is by far the passion fruit, which they call “marakuca.”  I consumed six with lunch and have since been confined to my room thanks to a powerful storm that has delivered pouring rain and gusting winds all afternoon. Since I had some time on my hands I thought I would try to capture in words my love for this tasty fruit so that all of my faithful readers can know how truly fantastic they are! Please keep in mind that words, while providing a powerful medium of communication, are limited in their ability to express the exact taste of something. This being said, you should probably run out and find some passion fruit so that you can also enjoy the “marakuca experience.” 🙂

Ode to Marakuca

Oh my sweet marakuca you are a beauty to behold,

 I have grown to love you with a desire both sincere and uncontrolled.

With a few simple swipes of my trusty pocket knife,

Your purple rind gives way and out spills your juicy life.

In the company of others I resign to use a spoon,

But in the solace of a lonely room my mouth seems sufficiently opportune.

My succulent marakuca you are oft too swiftly judged for what you hide inside,

But I myself love the slimy texture and the feel of jelly when down my throat you slide.

I have heard of those who turn you into juice or jam or tea,

But I like you best dusted with drops of rain and smudged with dirt as I take you from the tree.


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  1. Suzi- I LOVE passion fruit too. Though I’m not sure they are as good in Colorado. I recently discovered greek yogurt with passion fruit in it and it’s amazing! I love your blog updates. Sounds like you are having a fabulous adventure!

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