Movie Night


Tonight after dinner the nuns and I settled in for a movie night. I brought my computer so we could watch the movie Sister Act and the nuns absolutely LOVED IT! Since dinner started a little late I thought we could just watch the portions of the film when the nuns are signing and skip over the rest since it is all in English. This limited preview was not sufficient in their eyes and they demanded to see more. I explained the basic premise of the movie in French so they knew what was going on and they spent the remainder of the evening glued to my computer. It was hilarious to listen to their running commentary and observations and I especially loved when they attempted to mimic the dance moves. There was some initial confusion concerning the role of the actors and they kept asking me if they were nuns in real life but I think I was able to clear that one up. They continued, however, to ask questions like, “That man, the priest, he is a priest in real life?” I think it might have been easier to say it was a documentary about nuns in America but that seemed a little too far from the truth! Their favorite part was probably the convent’s energetic rendition of “My guy” and they have requested I help them learn the words. I explained that they had changed the words from “my guy” to “my God” which they thought was very clever. They translated a few lines into Kinyarwanda and enjoyed singing “Imana Wanjye” for the duration of the evening. I think we will watch Sister Act 2 for the next movie night, but after that I don’t really know any other nun movies. Any suggestions? šŸ™‚


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