Kibuye Update


Most of this week consisted of being trapped inside a conference room while being forced to listen to presentations from 8am-4pm. We had a beautiful view of the lake from the room but spent most of the time inside which seemed a little cruel. We are also not allowed to swim in the lake because of the possibility of contracting schisto, a parasitic disease that you are exposed to when you swim in contaminated waters that contain a certain type of snails. The water looked so nice, especially on hot days, that I was tempted to break this rule.

After a few minutes of research I decided that maybe this is a rule I do indeed actually need to follow.  Schisto can damage internal organs and symptoms/side affects include fun things like: abdominal pain, cough, diarrhea, fever, fatigue, the enlargement of the liver and spleen, genital sores, central nervous system lesions, bloody diarrhea, pulmonary hypertension, and infections that lead to bladder cancer. I decided it wasn’t quite worth it after all.

There have been, however, a few moments of freedom mixed in with all of the presentations. So here are a few photos from the week!

Charlie and his girls

Loving tea break! 🙂

Heather, me, Alyssa


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  1. Hi! I am Heather’s mom, Michelle. I love the photos it looks very beautiful there!!! I am so glad Heather has met such good friends in this Peace Corps process!!

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