Cornell Volleyball in Rwanda


Since there are no sports teams for girls at my school I have decided to start a volleyball team. I knew that I could rely on the generosity of my fabulous college coach, Jeff Meeker, to support my endeavor and in no time at all I had enormous box of Cornell Volleyball jerseys. Since we are on break from school this month (April is genocide memorial month) the jerseys seemed a little lonely all boxed up in my room. I proposed the idea of a convent team to the nuns and they were so excited to have the opportunity to play and even more excited to wear the jerseys! Our team name is Abana bi Imana which translates to “The Children of God.” I don’t have high expectations for finding other convents with volleyball teams so we might just have to make two teams and play ourselves. We had our first “practice” the other day which consisted of trying on the jerseys and practicing ball control in the garden. It was a lot of fun and we played until the sun went down and the prayer bells signaled the end of free time. This post is my thank you letter to Cornell Volleyball and Coach Meeker- we love the jerseys and they will be well loved for many years to come by a diverse population of players.

I have also received numerous volleyballs from the wonderful John Kessel at USA Volleyball- I can attest to the fact that it is much easier to run a practice with more than one ball! And to the amazing Cody Kessel, if you happen to read this, I am following your college volleyball debut from afar and am so proud of all of your hard work and success- keep it up!

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to share my love of volleyball with the people of Rwanda and I really appreciate all the love and support from back home.

Enjoy the photos from our first practice! 🙂


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  1. We’re very proud of you, Suzi! It is delightful to see Ram volleyball in Rwanda. Enjoy your time as you do good work there. Bump, Set, Spike! Nancy Paczosa (KP’s mom)

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