UNO Update


The UNO tournament is still going strong. Most nights, after we finish doing the dishes from dinner and setting the table for breakfast, we gather in the common room to play UNO. Much to the despair of the nuns I am still in the lead, although I have tried explaining to them that I win more because I play more. We have now played 86 games of UNO (the picture is about a week old) and I have played every single game- the odds are statistically in my favor. Of course I am going to win more than people who play once a week but they continue to think that I possess some magical UNO knowledge that I refuse to share with them. Everyone except my headmistress, Espérance. Last night I was on a real hot streak and won seven games in a row. One of the nuns visiting from University congratulated me and told me that I was very intelligent. Espérance, frustrated with her lack of winning, made a comment about how I was very lucky and made sure to clarify with this other nun that UNO is predominantly a game of luck and the winning percentages do not necessarily reflect intelligence. Sore loser? I think so. 🙂

The second to last name on the list is the head nun, Mama Jean. Ever since she found out that I call one of my American grandmothers Grammie she has been insisting that everyone call her Grammie- pretty cute. Marie Rose, fourth on the list, is incredibly competitive. One night, after she had won a few and I had yet to win, I decided to call it quits. She lounged back in her chair with a smug grin and made a comment in French about how all this winning was going to help her sleep well that night. We packed up the cards and I headed into the kitchen to fill a bottle with water (a nightly ritual) and while I was in the kitchen I heard her yell in French, “Make sure you get a big bottle, you are probably really thirsty after that losing.” Yup- the nuns trash talk when we play UNO. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is real life.

A few weeks ago we couldn’t find the score sheet and the nuns were panicked. Luckily it showed up under a stack of other papers and it now has a reserved storage place next to the Bible- does this tell you something about how much my nuns love UNO? 🙂


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  1. This is hilarious! I hope you can keep the winning streak going, Suzi Q! I think you would beat me every time in UNO…. 🙂 Miss you!

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