When it rains it pours


Today was actually a really wonderful day that was unfortunately followed by a rather miserable and stressful evening. I spent the day at the orphanage playing with the kiddos, hitched a free ride to town, and received 4 packages from home!

The trouble started on my moto ride home. It had been pouring rain all day long but finally there was a break in the storm so I called my awesome moto man to come pick me up. It took some creative arranging to get all my packages and me (and my purse and another bag) all on the back of the motorcycle but we made it work. A few minutes after we left the orphanage it started to rain, which made me a little nervous, but there wasn’t really a great alternative so we had to just keep going. Then there was a horrible noise of metal scraping along the road so we had to pull over to survey the damage. I think we hit a rock and it was apparent that the bike was in no shape to make it all the way up the numerous hills that lead to the convent. So there we were, on the side of the road, in the rain, trying to figure out a plan B. Eventually another moto pulled over and my driver was able to convince him to take me home. It was a little scary because while my moto guy is a slow and cautious driver this guy was a little crazy and fast but I eventually made it home in one piece!

Valuable lessons are often learned the hard way. Here is what I learned today- when it rains a lot my room floods. A flooded room is not exactly a fun scenario to come home to I spent the rest of the evening sweeping water out the door and going through papers and books to determine what I could salvage and what needed to be tossed out. I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to have all that stuff on the floor in the first place but at least now I know better! Then, just as I on the verge of small breakdown, this guy hopped his way into my room:


Apparently he saw the light on in my room and decided it was an invitation to seek shelter with me. He was mistaken. It took me a few minutes to usher him out of my room but I think (I hope) he is finally gone. I have towels down on the floor and I suppose I will deal with the rest of the cleaning in the morning. For now I am all tucked into bed, safely snuggled under my bug net, surveying the contents of my wonderful packages, and trying to ignore the pile of damaged goods near my door. Getting ready for bed and hoping for a sunny day tomorrow!


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  1. Hopefully your hopping friend didn’t stray too far. Who do you think eats a lot of the other creepy crawlies? It is very cool to hear how well you are getting at thinking on your feet, in the good and not so good situations. Also I thank you for posting as often as you do, as it is fun to think about all the different things, people and situations you encounter on a daily basis.

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