Operation Smile


This week, after giving my exam on Tuesday, I came into Kigali to help out with an Operation Smile project. I could write a lot about this experience but I think I will use more photos than words to explain the week. Like my Peace Corps service, this week has been sometimes exhausting and frustrating but also very rewarding. Things like long days, babies with no diapers peeing on me, seeing children  suffering and in pain, and logistical nightmares made it a challenge to always stay positive but it was so worth it in the end. After all, a week of holding babies and playing with adorable kiddos can never be a bad thing! 🙂


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  1. How wonderful an experince. We do a lot of cleft lip/palate repairs in Guatemala. Many of these children are shunned by their society for the “deformity” thet carry on their face. Thank God for the surgery to restor them to a normal life.

  2. Very cool Suzi. It amazes me how much you give to others. So many more people should have a heart as big as yours. Awesome work.

  3. Awww they are adorable!! Sorry I haven’t written you back yet, I’ve been super busy but I will this week I promise! 🙂

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