Be Who You Are


This week the theme in my class was “be who you are”- an idea inspired by the fabulous Dr. Seuss. It was a difficult and often frustrating lesson to teach but by the end of the week I think some of the kids understood what I was trying to teach them- sometimes you just have to be grateful that a few kids know and appreciate what you are saying. They really enjoyed the lesson on character traits, probably because it involved a discussion about 50 Cent (an American rapper) and I pulled out the camera for a project. We selected three people to describe with character traits and our list included Paul Kagame, 50 Cent, and David Beckham. It was a pretty random group that actually worked well to prove my point that no two people are exactly the same.

After we learned about positive character traits each kid selected a trait to hold up for a picture. Ideally I wanted a picture of all of them together but then the words didn’t show up (since my black Sharpie died I had to resort to red and blue that didn’t show up as well- live and learn) so I ended up taking shots of small groups and individuals. Here are a few of the many photos from our lesson- I particularly love the ones where the kid is holding a sign that says “cheerful” or “kind” and they look really angry. We are still working on the idea of smiling for photos- I promise they were not being forced against their will to pose for pictures- they were actually really excited but smiling for photos is not common in Rwanda.


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  1. Hi Suzanne,
    This is such a good post. I really like reading your posts. You have quite a good attitude and I have no doubt you will be a success in whatever you do.

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