Baby Remy!!!


Never will a time come when the most marvelous recent invention
is as marvelous as a newborn child.

Carl Sandburg

Every child, begins the world again. 
Henry David Thoreau

Today I had the chance to attend a traditional baby naming ceremony. In Rwanda, the parents do not announce the name of the child until he or she is eight days old. The father of the baby, Louis, is the other English teacher at my school so my headmistress, Espérance, and I went together. It was supposed to start at 2pm but in true Rwandan style the actual ceremony started at 4:04pm. We ended up not staying for the entire event but I was able to hold the baby for a while which was wonderful- he is incredibly tiny and adorable. Since it was a rather rainy and cold day he was pretty bundled up but I managed to get a few photos. The other women in the room kept laughing at me for watching him sleep and had to remind me to share with the nuns who also wanted to hold him. As many of you know, sharing babies is not a strong suit of mine and I often need prompting (or someone physically taking the baby from me) in order to initiate the sharing process. I am really looking forward to watching the precious Remy grow up and I plan to visit him (and I suppose his parents as well) at least once a week. I am so blessed to have Remy in my life because now I can have a baby fix whenever I need it without actually having a child! This way I can spend an afternoon snuggling and playing and then hand him back and return home to sleep the night away- best of both worlds! 🙂


Espérance meeting Remy for the first time

His little hands are just so adorable!!!

The proud new parents


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