Valentine’s Day


I had a wonderful first Valentine’s Day in Rwanda. I spent the majority of the day pumping my students full of sugar and letting them watch movies on my computer (with a few educational activities thrown in of course). I think their favorite was probably Mega Mind but they also laughed a lot when I showed them clips from other animated films like Despicable Me and The Emperor’s New Groove. Many of my kids try to act like they are all grown up and way to cool for “kid stuff” so it was cute to see them all huddled together, eating lollipops, and watching cartoon movies. At one point I was sitting between two kids who both had the heads resting on my shoulders- these kids get more loveable and less annoying the more I get to know them. 🙂

I only had a few classes in the morning so I spent the afternoon making valentines for my nuns. It took a solid three hours to make them all by hand but I felt a lot of pressure to make them awesome. When you are creating a gift for a group of people whose ultimate valentine is God you are facing some pretty big competition! We had a really nice dinner together and then one of the nuns brought the drums out to the common room. She apparently misplaced the stick you usually beat the drums with but that didn’t seem to faze her; she simply marched out to the kitchen and grabbed some knives to use instead. We spent the evening singing and dancing and I was very content to just watch until one of the nuns physically pulled me out onto the dance floor. I am usually not big on dancing but since the traditional movements consist mostly of swaying your arms in the air and spinning around it wasn’t too difficult to figure out. I also learned how to dance while balancing a giant candle on my head. Why were we balancing candles on our heads? I have no idea. I would love to tell you that there is some type of grand significance but I think it was just to be silly and have fun. Next time there is a nun dance party I will be sure to take pictures!

Here are a few more pictures from Valentine’s Day. I am also hoping to load an awesome video of one of my students dancing to Justin Bieber but I am not sure my internet is fast enough.

After learning about ordinal numbers we had a race to see which group could put them in order the fastest. Team orange (this group) dominated the race. Team pink didn’t understand the directions and each student took one card and then proceeded to do nothing. Team purple started out well enough but when I pulled out my camera they lost all focus and watched me take a picture of team orange. They didn’t seem too upset by the loss.

Watching movies- not an easy task with 30-40 kids in each class

Rwandan style graffiti 🙂

I know it is a little late but-

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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