End product of the 10-hour teacher’s meeting- it is still being changed (often without my knowledge) and yesterday I accidentally taught another teacher’s class because no one told me that my schedule had been changed… oops

Cool bird that I saw walking around the other day

Kigali convent

Head nun of my convent- she is my adopted grandmother and takes very good care of me

Convent in Kigali

My friend Valentine, it is hard to get a good picture of her because she is in constant motion! 🙂

Outside of my house

Moto helmet- I have yet to be on a motorcycle so far but it is only a matter of time since it is the main mode of transportation in rural areas of Rwanda

Afternoon of lesson planning in my garden

Beautiful sunset

Outside of Peace Corps office in Kigali

Alisha and Heather looking out at Kigali

In case you wanted to learn some Kinyarwanda for when you visit me here are some of my notes!

That is all for now! Sending everyone back home lots of love!


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