The start of a new chapter


Packing up the bags of 36 people is a complicated and long process but we finished just in time to beat the rain!

Beautiful Kigali

View of the ambassador’s house from his garden

I arrived at my site yesterday and will hopefully have time to put of more pictures and stories from my time in Kigali once I finish unpacking! I am excited to be finally moved in and I am building up the courage/energy to go out into the community tomorrow to start introducing myself. Sending lots of love to everyone back home!



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  1. Suzi,
    Congrats on making it to your site. The courage and energy to fully immerse yourself in a culture and new place is something very rare. That is why people can be neighbors for 20 years and not get past the “hello” phase. I am looking forward to reading about and seeing pictures of your new adventures. I am very proud of what you have done, are doing, and what I know you are capable of accomplishing. You are awesome!!
    Take care, smell the roses.

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