The Final Days of Training!


The light at the end of the training tunnel is shinning bright! Yesterday my host family threw a party for me and invited all of their children who live in Rwanda and some of the PC staff and other volunteers. We made fantastic food (my host sisters from Kigali even made a salad- a dish that is extremely rare in small Rwandan villages) and my host father made a speech about me that was very sweet.

My parents also presented me with two beautiful wood carvings to hang in my house (you might find it amusing that one of the carvings was a mother breast-feeding her child and it was intended to bless me with many children- hopefully this will be true but not for a few years at least). 🙂

After the party at my house we walked down together to the district office where the PC farewell gathering was being held. PC printed a large picture of each family with their volunteer for us to present to them at the ceremony which is a lovely gesture however my picture managed to be the only one that was not printed and delivered to the gathering. This created a heated debate amongst the PC staff about how the situation should be handled and if my family should even be called up to the front if I didn’t have anything to give them. In the end I decided that my family deserved to be honored in front of the group so I would just explain before they came up that I would get them the picture later. This seemed like a good idea until I realized how proud all the families were of their pictures (showing the entire room and then passing them around once seated) and I started to feel really guilty that I didn’t have a picture to give them. Using my limited artistic ability I ended up drawing a sketch of my family on a piece of blank of paper and when we were called up I presented them with that instead. My father proudly showed the picture to the room and everyone got a good laugh at the expense of my poorly constructed family portrait!

Today we had our final interviews with the senior PC staff and I found out the exciting news that I have been recommended to be an official PC volunteer! We finish up interviews and evaluations tomorrow and then Wednesday we move out and head to Kigali! It is really exciting to be this close but also a little daunting to imagine being dropped off in my community all by myself. I think I will be a little sad to see the PC car drive away but I have a wonderful community of nuns that is ready to welcome me!

I have tons of pictures to post but my current internet connection allows me to post one picture every thirty minutes so I never have the patience to post more than a few at a time. Hopefully when I am in Kigali I will be able to find fast internet and post more pictures!


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  1. The family picture and the idea of how to fix the problem shows how big of a heart that you have. Compassion and caring the way that you do will make the children and people you teach things to very lucky. It is very exciting to know that others will be learning from you.
    Take care and keep smiling.

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