Where Everybody Knows Your Name


Some days it can be frustrating that all the children in Rwanda want to follow you everywhere asking your name (although they clearly already know it because they yell out my name right before they ask me what my name is), wanting to know where you are coming from and where you are going, and sometimes thrusting their tiny hands in my face to demand money. Sometimes at the end of long day a small child commenting that my feet are too dirty or that if I was a “nice white person” I would give them money and candy is really annoying, but there is another side to the story. The truth is that it is actually pretty fun to have fan clubs of children that mob you everywhere you go. Hundreds of Rwandan children knowing my name and constantly monitoring my whereabouts might be the closest I ever come to being a celebrity. 🙂


After a long day of studying Kinyarwanda my favorite part of the day is going home to play with the children who live around my house. The first child to see me runs to inform all the other kids that I am home and they all come running while cheering and shouting my name. Lets face it- that is not a horrible way to be welcomed home. I am actually a little nervous that when I return home to America I will struggle with the fact that there are not groups of cheering children to welcome me home each night because I have grown quite fond of my fan clubs and it might be hard to return to a life of anonymity. I am excited to finally get to my site next week but I will really miss all the children who have been so wonderful for the past three months. Luckily my site is only about 20 minutes away from my host parent’s house so I plan to come back and visit all the time!


Today I had my language test and it did not go very well. I was really nervous and didn’t talk as much as I wanted to and overall it was a really stressful experience. The best part about the test is that it is now OVER! After I finished I was able to open packages that my wonderful mom and friends sent me (thank you Kirtley Hitt and Kayla Gaines- you guys are awesome). I am now working on packing up my things and moving on to the next stage of my life as an actual Peace Corps volunteer! I miss you all lots- please continue to send letters and emails because I love hearing about everything happening back in America!


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