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The view from my house

Hello Everyone! This a random post because I wanted to share some funny definitions that I found in a Kinyarwanda-English dictionary. Enjoy! 🙂


1) charm- the practice of magic used by robbers or witches to bewitch people

eg:  Thieves used a charm in order to rob the national bank.

2) tears- drops of salty liquid which flow from the eye because of pain or happiness

eg: She was slapped and tears came out of her eyes.

3) heave-ho!- used to express fear of remembering of something

eg: Heave-ho! I lost dictionary.

4) Get drunk- to drink up a lot of beer such that you lose your senses

eg: This young man has got drunk.

5) cheeked- refers to someone with big cheeks

eg: That is a cheeked child.

6) Whitish- very white

eg: This shirt is whitish.

7) Wooden milk pot- a wooden container in which milk is kept

eg: Pour that milk into the wooden milk pot.


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