Rwandan Friends


A majority of my good friends in Rwanda are under the age of 12 and I have no problem with this at all. I am so grateful to have Thierry, my 9-year-old host brother, and his friends to hang out with! Here is a short list of some of my favorite moments so far:


• Playing soccer with the kids outside my house- this has become a daily ritual and we usually play until it is too dark to see or the rain starts dumping from the sky.

• Playing with glow sticks- my mom and sister sent me a package with the glow sticks that can be made into bracelets and we had so much fun playing with them. Since very few people have electricity in this area (my house included) it gets very dark at night so it was really cool to see the kids running around with their colorful bracelets.

• Yesterday the topic of my language lesson was parts of the body and I was really struggling to remember the vocabulary. My teacher and I were sitting outside of my house and the neighborhood kids were hiding in the trees showing me which body parts I was being quizzed on. This method worked really well until the teacher caught onto our scheme and sent the kids off to play and then I was on my own!  🙂


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  1. Haha, I can just see them giggling in the bushes waving their arms and legs at you. Bet you didn’t need help with knee though!

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