A Taste of Kinyarwanda


Nitwa Suzanne, ndi umuyamerika, nturuka muri leta ya Colorado, ndi umwarimu, kandi ndi umukorerabushake wa Peace Corps. Ntuye mu Karere ka Kamonyi. Simfite abana, ndi ingaragu.


This is my script for introducing myself. It tells my name, where I am from, what I do (teacher and Peace Corps volunteer) and where I live in Rwanda. It also includes the fact that I do not have children and I am single. This is almost always the first question that is asked of me, and depending on who is asking, my martial status is known to change. I am heavily considering purchasing a ring and fabricating the existence of  a very intimidating husband.


We recently learned the vocabulary necessary to describe our families and it was pretty intense. For example, there are six different words to describe specific aunts and uncles.


• masenge- my paternal aunt

• nyogosenge- your paternal aunt

• nyirasenge- his/her paternal aunt


• mama wacu- my maternal aunt

• nyoko wanyu- your maternal aunt

• nyina wabo- his/her maternal aunt


• data wacu- my paternal uncle

• so wanyu- your paternal uncle

• se wabo- his/her paternal uncle


• marume- my maternal uncle

• nyokorome- your maternal uncle

• nyirarume- his/her maternal uncle


Can you believe that with all of these words for aunt and uncle, there is one word for both niece and nephew? Pretty crazy! This chapter is going to take a lot of practice to master!

Tomorrow we have “language simulations” which are scenarios designed to asses our language proficiency. We are all rather nervous so tonight will consist mostly of studying! 🙂 Other than that, things are going well. Lots of rain. Lots of language class. Lots of fun! 🙂

Sending you all lots of love from Rwanda!


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