Adventures in Belgium!!!


Things did not go quite as planed last night with our flight from New York to Brussels. After the multiple gate and plane changes, we were finally relieved to be on our way when they loaded us up. Once we were seated, however, the pilot announced that there was a problem with the cargo belt and it would take an hour to fix. One hour is not so bad- I was seated with two Peace Corps girls and time passed rather quickly. But as anyone who travels knows a delay is never the exact length they tell you it will be! One hour turned into almost four and it became very apparent that we would miss our flight to Kigali. This is not the worst thing to happen! We had a fantastic time exploring Brussels and it was truly a blessing in disguise that a cargo belt repair takes four hours. We landed about noon and luckily the airport agreed to store our luggage (as you can imagine it is rather difficult to carry around all of our bags). We checked into a hotel across the street from the airport and even had time to shower and change clothes (for those of us lucky enough to have spare clothes packed in a carry-on bag) before a beautiful lunch buffet provided by the hotel. After lunch we spent about an hour exchanging money and attempting to navigate the public transportation system. We decided to take the train downtown and spent the afternoon exploring everything from beautiful cathedrals to chocolate shops and a famous fountain, Mannekan Pis, which is a small bronze sculpture of a little boy peeing. We were amazed that his image shows up everywhere here, even on vending machines and  The main goal of the group was to locate and taste four items during our stay in Brussels: Chocolate, Waffles, French Fries and Beer. Over the course of the afternoon and evening we successfully located all of the items on our list and even discovered some really neat statues, fountains and restaurants. I have included some photos so that you all can see some of our adventures exploring Brussels!


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  1. This is awesome Suzi! I cant believe you got to hang out in Brussels for a day. Sounds like things could have been much worse. I love the pictures, especially the last one of you! What are you eating? It looks delicious. Keep updating!

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