We are currently waiting to board our plane to Brussels, however we have encountered a few complications! We started at gate 40, and that plane was declared unfit to fly due to mechanical issues (reassuring, I know). We then moved to gate 41 and then a few minutes later to gate 45. The plane was then delayed an hour. Just a few moments ago they announced that the first plane was the wrong plane, and now they are bringing the original plane that was intended for gate 40 to gate 45. A little bit of a mess, but I just hope they get us a safe plane and we can board soon! I am so excited to get in my seat and catch up on some much needed sleep! Think positive thoughts for our flight so that we can catch our connection to Kigali!


PS- When I went to the desk to change my seat (I was in a middle) I asked the lady how much it was to upgrade to business class. I should have known it was a lot when she asked me if I really wanted to know. It is $6,000 dollars and I am pretty sure my Peace Corps salary does not cover that! 🙂


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