Final Invitation!


After a very long wait my  invitation has finally arrived! I will be leaving September 12th to teach 7th-12th grade English in Rwanda for 27 months! I am very excited to share my journey with my wonderful friends and family so hopefully I will be able to use this site to post pictures and stories from my adventures in Rwanda! 🙂


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  1. Suzi, the countdown is upon you! What an exciting time in your life. We are so impressed with you and know that you will make a difference in the lives of so many. We know you have pondered this decision long and hard. We, too, have thought about your decision and have compiled some questions we thought it would be fun for you to answer now before you leave and then again when you return…to see if and how your perspectives have changed. We love you tons and wish you the greatest adventure of your life! Love the Fowlers

    Describe what you think Rwanda will be like?
    When you close your eyes and transport yourself to Rwanda, what do you see?
    What is your biggest fear?
    What is your greatest source of excitement?
    What do you hope to gain during your time?
    Describe what you think your experience will be like?
    What American or first-world convenience do you think you’ll miss the most?
    What’s one modern convenience you’re looking forward to leaving behind?
    What three skills or qualities do you think will be most important to your successful Peace Corps service?
    One word to describe how you feel about this experience (headed to the Peace Corps) right now?

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